Superpower your testing

The smartest and simplest way to test. Intelligent bots tap, type, and swipe through your mobile app while measuring performance and tracking the user experience. No setup, no code, just results in minutes.

Introducing the Application Diff

The difference
is the diff.

Agile development leaves mobile teams struggling to achieve adequate test coverage. The diff approach alerts you to regressions that appear, freeing you to focus on the changes that actually matter.

The Intelligent Test Bots

Meet your
newest testers.

Appdiff’s bots analyze your app’s complete UX and performance profile. Inspect every path taken through your app, and benchmark your performance against the competition.

Zero Code, Zero Infrastructure

No setup required.

Just upload your app and we’ll send you results in minutes—it doesn’t get any easier.

  • Performance & UX Diffs
  • App Navigator
  • Flow Inspector

Replace anecdotal performance estimates with consistent, ranked statistics for every screen. Pinpoint regressions and slowness immediately, then compare them against any app within your industry.
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Be smarter.

Appdiff is for you.

Everyone on an app team should keep up with changes in their app. Especially roles on agile, lean and continous engineering teams where it is all about speed and change.