Appdiff gives CMOs, CIOs, CXOs, CEOs, and Directors, superpowers to track of their portfolio of apps and help their app teams to deliver the best possible apps, as fast and as efficiently as possible.

Never Miss A Thing

The difference
is the diff.

Appdiff highlights changes in every app in realtime. Appdiff's visual dashboards and alerts are the easiest way to stay on top of all your apps and ensure the branding, messaging, and quality is on par. Appdiff even makes it easy to track your competitors app and compare them with yours. Never be surprised new competitive app's feature again.

Amazing App Quality

Meet your
newest testers.

Appdiff’s bots test each new build. The bots tirelessly check that everything in your apps still work as you expect. The bots can also be run in production to monitor your app's user experience end-to-end. Most importantly, Appdiff does much of the repetitive work so that your app team testers and developers aren't wasting time, and are focusing on the most important aspects of app quality.

Amazing Performance Insights

Perfect Performance

Performance is critical for app retention, engagement, and overall experience. Appdiff delivers a full performance report for your entire app suite, in just minutes. Appdiff catches performance improvements and regressions in each new build. Discover which apps in your portfolio are the fastes and slowest, and with a single share button click, point app teams to areas that you'd like them to fix performance.

Zero Code, Zero Infrastructure

No setup required.

No coding, no SDKs, no simulators, emulators or devices. Just upload your app or ask your app teams to add it to their build processes. Thats it. If you can upload a file though a web page, Appdiff's bots can help.