App Developers

Appdiff gives App developers superpowers. You use diffs when it comes to code reviews--why not diff the app itself? Appdiff frees app developers from writing most UI regression tests. Appdiff's tests don't break when the app changes. Appdiff delivers the value of a small manual and automation team, and delivers results within minutes of every new build so you can go to lunch without worrying about a regression, or telling someone to add tests for the new feature you just added.

Amazing Test Coverage

The difference
is the diff.

Appdiff spins up hundreds of bots for every new build. The bots exercise most every aspect of your app. All the while they note the location of every single element, and see where every swipe, tap, and text input takes the user. The bots generate upwards of 10,000 tests per build automatically. The bots even test new functionality as soon as it appears.

Automation Engineers Dream

Bot Automation

Appdiff’s bots examine every page and every element on every page of your app. They come up with a plan to walk through the app just like users would and record everything they see. The bots make sure everything is still in its place, and even automatically discover and test new features as soon as they are added to the app.

Amazing Performance Insights

Automated Performance

Appdiff automatically analyzes every transition in your app's user experience for performance issues and changes within minutes of every new build. The bots make you look like a performance genius without having to right hundreds of tests, provide stable farms of simulator or devices. The bots even deliver the performance results in easy-to-use and visual dashboards.

Zero Code, Zero Infrastructure

No setup required.

No coding, no SDKs, no simulators, emulators or devices. Just upload your app and the bots will send you results in minutes—it doesn’t get any easier. You can even add Appdiff to your Continuous Integration with a single 'CURL' to post the new build to the bots. Results are delivered in visual dashboards, and also via secure RESTful APIs for integration.