The App Navigator lets you see the app just the way your users would. The navigator shows every page in your app, every action taken by every bot, how they got to ever page, with performance and different information. The App Navigator help the team focus on a single page, with full context on how users get to the page and what actions are possible.


1. Preceding screens

To see this page in your app, these are the screens that users navigate through to get here. Full contextual awareness of where you are the app, but still focusing in on this single page.


2. Page Performance

The Navigator shows the average page load performance timing for this page. App performance is sampled many times and the average value is shown here.


3. Actions

Here the Navigator shows all actions taken from this single screen, from across all bot paths. This shows the app team all the places you can go from here and the performance of every single action, also averaged across every sample taken.