Performance Dashboard

Appdiff's performance dashboard delivers the most actionable and realtime app performance results on the planet. Within minutes of a build, the entire app is examined for any performance issues, improvements, or regressions. Appdiff delivers this data in a single, visual dashboard. Gone are the days of looking at log file, or graphs of data collected from the app long after you ship. See what needs fixing, in order, right after the build completes.


1. Slowest Pages and Regressions

Appdiff shows a tab for both the slowest and fastest pages in your app in one easy screen. Click through all pages in your app to explore the slowest to the fastest. Separate tabs appear if there are transitions in the app that have seen performance improvements or regressions since the last build. Performance analysis made, easy, visual, and actionable within minutes of a build.

Clear Performance Actions

2. Element Tapped

Appdiff shows which element was tapped on the left hand page, which led to the loading of the right hand page. This is the slowest transition within the app.


3. Perf Stats for Every Page in Build

Appdiff shows the average, min, max and standard deviation of all performance measurements in your app. This helps you get a feel for the app's overall performance.


4. Performance Distribution

Here, Appdiff draws the distribution of performance metrics within your app. You can see that this app has almost as many slow as fast pages as each white line represents a performance measurement.


5. Compare Performance with Last Build and Competitive Apps

Appdiff shows how this app build stacks up against the last build on the overall performance metrics. Appdiff also shows how this app stacks up against competitive apps to help motivate performance improvements if your app is far behind the competition, or relax if your app is far better. Know where your app's performance stands.