Product Managers

Appdiff gives product managers superpowers. Appdiff means you stay on top of every change, good and bad, in your mobile app. Today's agile, lean, and continuous engineering environment means maintaining a quality app requires keeping tabs on everything. Appdiff's bots are here to help.

Never Miss A Thing

The difference
is the diff.

Appdiff highlights anything that might have changed in your app--just minutes after a build. If a new button, text box, image or flow is added to the app, you'll know in minutes. Never let a user-visible change happened without you know it it again. Diffs are perfect for Quick Fixes too. A quick Appdiff scan of your app can verify everything is just like the last build--with only the expected new feature or fix before you push to the App Store.

Amazing Test Coverage

Meet your
newest testers.

Appdiff’s bots test each new build. The bots are like a small test team in a box, working on your behalf. If you can't afford a test team, or just can't find the right hires, Appdiff Will help fill the testing and quality gap. If you have a test team, Appdiff can relieve them of the repetitive work so they can focus on the more creative testing that your app needs.

Amazing Performance Insights

Perfect Performance

Performance is critical for app retention, engagement, and overall experience. Appdiff delivers a full performance report for your entire app, in just minutes. Appdiff shows you the transitions in your app that need performance attention. Appdiff can catch performance improvements and regressions in each new build. Even better, Appdiff helps you compare your apps performance with the other apps in the App Store so you know when the app is good enough.

Zero Code, Zero Infrastructure

No setup required.

No coding, no SDKs, no simulators, emulators or devices. Just upload your app and the bots will send you results in minutes—it doesn’t get any easier. Appdiff delivers much of the value of automated and manual testing, and needs no technical experience. If you can upload a file through a web page, Appdiff's bots can help.