Appdiff for Manual Testing

Be a testing superhero with Appdiff. Add the power of automated app testing with zero code, zero setup. Have x-ray vision into your app. Focus on the creative and interesting aspects of testing and leave the rest to the bots. The bots can speed up regression testing as much as 80%.

Never Miss A Thing

The difference
is the diff.

Appdiff highlights anything that might have changed in your app. If a new button, text box, image or flow is added to the app, you'll know in minutes.

No more regression testing

Meet your
newest testers.

Appdiff’s bots walk through each new build. The bots make sure signin, menus, buttons, text boxes, all work just like they did last build. Leave the boring stuff to the bots and focus on quality--not repeating regression testing day after day.

Amazing Performance Insights

Perfect Performance

Appdiff automatically analyzes every transition in your app's user experience for performance issues within minutes of every new build. Look like a genius with pictures and timing information for every part of your app.

Zero Code, Zero Infrastructure

No setup required.

No coding, no SDKs, no simulators, emulators or devices. Just upload your app and the bots will send you results in minutes—it doesn’t get any easier.